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In just a few sessions I can help you to get on with your life again…

…and demonstrate to you how you do not need to keep carrying around whatever may be bothering or burdening you. This could be anything: perhaps a sadness, a feeling of overwhelm, constant anxiety, addiction or the impact of previous traumas.

You can make progress in your life without developing a dependency on a therapist. I aim to equip you with a new perspective and direction, and all the tools you need to understand what may have caused any distress, and to guard against it again in the future.

Approach to Therapy

Therapy is conducted, in a quiet setting for peaceful contemplation in Argentière. If you are from the local community you can rest assured that the ethical and confidentiality requirements of my license will protect you, and that I am able to navigate small-town living. If you are from out of town, you will be delighted by the Chamonix Valley.

I work with adults who tell me of the relief they feel after sharing their problems with someone, and their further relief from trauma anxiety or depression. I can arrange bespoke art and play therapy sessions for children, allowing them to relax and get creative, while they work through problems. I work with couples who would like to stay together but are experiencing difficulties, to provide a framework and find solutions.


“I liked the multiple perspective approach which next to all the complexity I was dealing with gave me a lot of clarity- to feel and understand I can be in charge and control of all my emotions if I give myself time, listen and act- I feel relaxed and happier than before the therapy.”

“Thank you for everything you do! I feel so good after our sessions and I feel I am making progress thanks to you.”